Hypnosis Demonstration Videos

Here are a few examples from our Professional Hypnosis Training & Certification courses in Miami that show how powerful the mind can be. With just a few minutes of hypnosis or NLP, big changes can happen. With a few private sessions, long-term (even permanent) changes are possible. Please note that we don’t offer any hypnosis trainings right now.

How a few quick NLP techniques can help you stop smoking

Inner conflict is the main reason why it’s hard for smokers to quit. Part of them wants to stop smoking, but the other part still wants to smoke. Ending that internal debate is a key part of using hypnosis to stop smoking. Watch this demonstration as one student goes through a visual squash and some other hypnotic techniques. We usually use a variety of methods to help our clients get the best results. With this student, however, this demonstration was all she needed to quit smoking and stay smoke-free for 3+ years.

Here’s what REAL hypnosis looks like

Professional hypnotists can use any number of ways to hypnotize their clients. This video shows a basic induction that combines Elman and progressive relaxation methods. After a few NLP-enhanced hypnotic suggestions to release self-limiting beliefs and self-doubt, the student shares her feedback at the end.

Watch her fear of spiders DISSOLVE in minutes

Many people have a fear of spiders. You probably know a dozen people who are very afraid of certain things, even if it seems like an overreaction. Phobias are learned, so they can be unlearned quickly and easily with hypnosis and NLP. Watch to see how a mix of NLP techniques can eliminate a fear of spiders in just a few minutes.

How to Create Disgust for Junk Foods in Minutes

At the start of this video, this student loved french fries. Then the thought of eating them made her feel sick. Yes, you can “break up” with junk food in as little as a few minutes.

How to make a relationship exciting again

Here’s a creative way to use NLP anchoring. Think about how else you could use these ideas.