Our Services

We specialize in using hypnosis, NLP, and memory reconsolidation to help resolve emotional trauma that can cause or worsen anxiety, addictions, weight gain, sleep problems, grief, guilt/shame, relationship problems, and other symptoms of persistent emotional pain.

Our Services - Goodwin Hypnosis - Cary, NC

Private, One-on-One Sessions

Our primary service consists of one-on-one sessions to help clients resolve a variety of personal challenges stemming from emotional trauma or elevated stress and anxiety.

Breaking the Chains of Smoking

Break the Chains of Smoking

Hundreds of people have successfully quit smoking using our effective, multi-session hypnosis process. Todd’s affordable, 30-day online program works so well that we offer a money back guarantee.

Find liberty and healing from emotional trauma

The Liberated Mind Project

Our affordable, 30-day online program lays the foundation to overcome your emotional and behavioral challenges. Learn what you need to know. Then begin to experience the transformation.