Self-Worth & Self-Confidence Testimonials

“Life changing experience! Incredibly positive and uplifting sessions. Gina is fantastic and I would highly recommend her.”
Andrea Mendez
“I can describe my experience in two words… LIFE CHANGING! As a matter of fact, there really are no words that can fully incapsulate how I feel towards the Goodwin Hypnosis. Since I have been visiting the Goodwin Hypnosis, my existence on this earth has changed. My confidence, outlook, energy, and drive have all shifted for the positive. Todd Goodwin and April Norris are incredible. They were quickly and easily able to rid me of old beliefs that were keeping me stuck, anxious, and depressed. My life is new… because of them i am the person I have always wanted to be. I recommend the Goodwin Hypnosis to anybody who will listen. If you are stuck, or want to change certain aspects about your self and life….. do yourself a favor and make an appointment… Today!”
Brad Plotkin
Brad Plotkin
“I just completed a six session of hypnotherapy with Gina Goodwin and my life has been transformed. I had many limiting beliefs, scarcity mindset, lack of self confidence and fear of success. Each session began shifting all the negatives into positives. As I transformed, my environment transformed. I was amazed and so grateful for Gina (although she said it was all me). I’ve been able to step out of my comfort zone and into a world of limitless possibilities. I am a successful and confident entrepreneur. The work Gina does at the Goodwin Hypnosis is amazing and I look forward to going back for more inner discoveries.“
Jessica Alvarez
Jessica Alvarez
“I am SO HAPPY to have made the decision to go and see Gina. She has given me the tools to hack my mind! Thanks to hypnosis I deal better with stressful situations, I am no longer doubting my decisions, and surprisingly I am more confident in my abilities (something I already thought I was, but learnt that wasn’t quite the case). It was this newfound confidence and believing in myself that led me to realize all this time I spent just trying to make a living, trying to ignore my true purpose in life under the pretense that I need to make money first to fulfill my dream. What a load of bull… That was just fear talking; fear of failure, fear of not being able to pull of my biggest goal in life, fear of surrendering to my calling. But once you get to be fearless, it is almost overwhelming, the potential you see in yourself and what you can do in a lifetime… I for one have and will keep recommending hypnosis as an extremely valuable tool for self-improvement and me personally, I will continue using it until the day I die!”
“I had always had confidence issues since I was young. This had to do with family interactions and other experiences in my past but most recently due to a break up with a girlfriend. Todd not only was very methodical in being able to pinpoint the root causes but more importantly was able to virtually eliminate their effect on the way I carry myself. I had always been interested in hypnosis and after doing extensive research on the web including researching local providers, it was quickly obvious that the Goodwin Hypnosis was the best fit for me. During my initial consultation, I felt immediately comfortable and never felt pressured to “buy” anything. Todd’s one and only goal was to be successful in helping me with my confidence issues. During our sessions, I was always fully aware and in control and Todd lead me through a journey of self discovery that was long overdue. Today, almost 5 months after our last session, I am more confident than I have ever been in my life. This has resulted in both personal success in the realm of dating and professional success. My sessions with Todd planted seeds for self improvement that continue to grow daily and I can say that my investment in hypnotherapy was worth every penny. In fact I plan on visiting the center again in the near future for improvement in other facets of my life. Todd strives to be the best at his profession and from what I can tell, he is. 5 Stars all the way!”
Alex B.
“My issue was motivational, lack of confidence to do my job and produce more business… After 5 sessions with Todd, I can’t begin to describe how they changed my life and the way I see things now. I not only recommend going if you are serious about making a change in your life…but you also owe it to yourself to explore this as a choice to improve yourself! Amazing results, and forever!!! A+++++++”
Jonathan Garcia
“Todd, I wanted to follow-up and update you on all the great things that have been going on in my life – thanks to you and your amazing facilitation skills. I’m going to begin with things relevant to that last goal session. You said that things will begin to happen after that, as many of your clients experienced, and you were right! I’ve recently been promoted at work (and got a raise within a month) and gained a new private client. Talk about LOTS of manifestations becoming a reality. My girlfriend and I are still together, and I moved out. It’s actually been a win for our relationship. We’re both feeling a lot lighter and happier around each other and we’ve decided to take things slow. As far as being more vocal and confident – all those things have definitely contributed to everything that’s going on in my life. I’ve had much more meaningful and deeper conversations with people. I’m extremely present and have learned how to step out of my own mind and into what’s actually going on. With all of that being said, thank you so much for everything that you’ve done! Your support and expertise have made such a tremendous impact on my life and I’m so grateful that the Universe connected us.”
Alex Martel
“I was hiding in a hotel room at the Ritz on Maui while the rest of the people I was vacating with were out having fun when I realized I needed help. I’d already been through 10 years of therapy but my issues remained. The older I got, the more inclined I was to ‘coccoon’ – stay home whenever possible, avoid public speaking of any kind – I’d even begun to avoid close friendships because they left me feeling too ‘exposed.’ I knew hypnosis was an option but didn’t really believe it could help me. Yet I felt I had no choice but to try. It was the best decision I’ve made in years. After the first session I already felt lighter. By the third session people had begun to comment I seemed happier. I followed the directions and listened to the ‘tapes’ faithfully several times a day. A month later, on vacation at a wedding in India, I was dancing in the streets without embarrassment. Two weeks later I volunteered to take a small part in a play. This system really works!”
Ginny E.

*Testimonials by former clients of Todd or Gina Goodwin are true and factual. Goodwin Hypnosis, its officers, and personnel, do not imply or claim that these comments represent typical results. Results vary depending on age, gender, lifestyle, motivation, and individual commitment to achieve a desired result. These clients voluntarily offered their feedback and were not compensated in any way. Each comment is the opinion of one person at a specific time and should be considered only in that context.

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