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Addressing underlying cause vs. symptom

Our society is built around the idea of treating symptoms. This is good for some doctors and drug companies, but it’s bad for society as a whole, because it costs a lot of money. So many people are still unhappy and sick because of this. Even after many trips to the doctor or therapist, diets, medications, and a lot of wasted willpower, they can’t get better.

Almost all of our clients’ emotional or behavioral problems, such as anxiety, grief, panic, and unwanted habits, are just signs and symptoms of a deeper problem that has been ignored. Many of these good people were frustrated by trying different ways to improve their life, from self-help books and prayer to talk therapists and doctors. Some of them even gave up, since nothing they did made a difference for very long. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so hard.

As professional hypnotists, we have a very simple philosophy: when we fix the real problem, the symptoms go away faster and easier than most people think is possible.

Treating symptoms is like trimming weeds. A lot of the time, the real problem is an unhealthy belief or way of thinking that leads to bad feelings and actions. Focusing on the symptoms may help you feel better for a short time, but the weeds keep growing back. Unless you deal with the cause, you remain dependent on the treatment.

Flow chart of effects of emotional trauma

Once you change how you think, you feel better and do better.

Instead of trimming the weeds over and over again, you can use hypnosis and NLP to uproot them completely. Our specialty and expertise is to help you finally overcome your stubborn issues.

Scope of Practice: As Consulting Hypnotists we provide meditative and motivational coaching for a wide range of issues, including making medical or psychological care obtained elsewhere more effective. However, our work is not intended as a substitute for such care. We do not diagnose, treat nor prescribe. Our services help normal persons with normal problems in living, enhancing human flourishing by inculcating positive thinking by the capacity for self-hypnosis. Our services are supportive and educational, teaching persons to use their natural skills and abilities. We aren’t psychologists and don’t do psychotherapy, so our services are a supplement to the more common types of therapy used in the mental health field. Even though our method works well for most of our clients, it’s important to remember that we can’t promise specific results for any one person. People have different levels of readiness, motivation, and willingness to do what they’re told, all of which affect how well they do.

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