Anxiety Testimonials

“I had so much anxiety, and I was doing so much for everybody else that I wasn't taking care of myself, and it was affecting my life and marriage. I tried talk therapy for quite a bit of time and realized that I was going in circles, just talking about my problems and not fixing them. One thing I really found helpful in working with Gina, other than our conversations and her hypnosis recordings, was literature she gave me to better explain what we were doing in our sessions and why the changes I was making were happening. Having a better understanding allowed the process to flow better. Since then, my situation has improved in so many ways, from setting up boundaries in my personal life and at work to being able to change my mindset. We were able to even become pregnant, something that we hadn't been able to do. With that excitement came some disappointment, and we did lose the baby. However, I do fully believe that the work that Gina and I did really taught me how to reflect on my feelings and how to move on. I'm not dwelling on past issues, so I'm not hurting as bad during those moments. That's what Gina helped me do. It was totally worth it.”
Sharon McKneely
“I reached out to the Goodwin Hypnosis after reading rave reviews online and not having any luck with my anxiety using the “typical” therapy options. I spoke with Todd over the phone initially to set up a consultation, and immediately felt as if he understood the anxiety I was experiencing, and felt hope that he could help me. After 5 sessions of hypnotherapy in 4 weeks with Todd, I can say that I have made more improvements with my anxiety in that short time than I had over the past 6 months. I highly recommend Todd and the Goodwin Hypnosis to anyone that is struggling with anxiety and fed up with feeling like there is no hope.”
Gabriela Stanard
“As I had great emotional pain and PTSD from my physically and emotionally abusive ex-husband, it was destroying my life and my new beautiful relationship. I was seeing a psychologist, however after a year of sessions, I knew I needed something more. The first consultation with Gina Goodwin immediately gave me hope that I did not have to keep living with this any longer and can finally beat the monster and take my power back. It only took me 7 sessions to completely transform myself. My episodes of anxiety attacks that occurred with the abuse of alcohol were ruining my life, however Gina was able to help me overcome my emotional trauma with plenty of very unique tools. I now feel like I have “grown up”, I am confident, happy, I feel in control, and my relationship has transformed. I truly believe that there are so many people out there with several different issues and trauma in need of true healing, who after years of therapy and ton of money spent still feel helpless. Hypnosis therapy however is a way to really re-program yourself and unlearn unwanted emotions and behaviors completely! I cannot thank Gina enough for all the help and understanding on top of simply being an amazing and fun person 🙂 I am excited now for my future!”
Ray Sunlight
“Goodwin Hypnosis is amazing! I can honestly say that hypnosis has changed my life forever. When I tell people this, they usually ask me three things about the experience – why did you go there, weren’t you scared, and does it work? I went there because my life had been in chaos for such a long time, I didn’t know what to do. I was filled with so much anxiety and pain, my friend recommended that I see Todd. Hypnosis is not like what we see in the movies with someone swinging a pendulum in front of another person to get them to do weird things. It is just like a guided meditation that helps the hypnotist change negative thoughts that are not helping you live a better life and are stopping you from fulfilling your dreams. And does it work? DOES IT EVER!!! My personal and business life have never been the same. I want to thank Todd for all of his help and for the peace and clarity that he helped me achieve. Nowadays, when I hear that someone has an issue of some sort I tell them – you need hypnosis! Quite frankly, I don’t know how people live without it!!”
Peggy Classe
Peggy Classe
“Mind glowingly effective therapy – that’s how I would describe my sessions with Todd Goodwin. He helped me to lay to rest some deep-seeded fears and anxiety. What’s more, it took many fewer sessions, and less money than with traditional therapists. I highly recommend the Goodwin Hypnosis!”
Andrea Wilde
Andrea Wilde
“I’ve had multiple sessions with Todd Goodwin and each one has helped me uncover blindspots I wasn’t able to see before. My anxiety levels dropped while my awareness levels rose. By working with Todd I was able to release a lot of what was holding me back. It is truly amazing how the subconscious part of our minds rules every other aspect of our lives. Todd provided the safe and comfortable space for me to go deeper and work on me. He is not only effective, but committed, caring, and most of all, extremely professional and a master of his craft.”
Osmara Vindel
Osmara Vindel
“After years of suffering from IBS, panic attacks and self esteem issues, [I made] an appointment at the Goodwin Hypnosis. Before meeting Todd, I had previously tried a few different tactics to overcome my problems but nothing seemed to change. For years i was in and out of therapy and i was tired and discouraged from the results i was getting. After a few hypnosis sessions i felt peaceful, happier and the panic attacks are now substituted by reasoning and a calm. I can’t stress how many times people warned me about hypnosis telling me weird stories and how dangerous it was. If i had known this was a positive and safe option years ago i would have saved myself a lot of grief and experimental therapy hours!”
Tara Emerson
“Hey Todd, it’s been almost a week since our appointment and I wanted to let you know that everything is great. I have been working out, running, and doing daily things without feeling like I am in danger of death. I can’t thank you enough!”
Connor M.
“I don’t normally share or review my experiences online with places or people, but I just felt compelled to share my amazing experience at Goodwin Hypnosis. I have met with Todd Goodwin several times, as I have always had a tough time trying to control my anxiety. I must say that I was not sure what to expect from a “hypnosis center”, but I can tell you that he really knows what he is doing. I think what impressed me the most about him was how he truly cares about the well being and life improvement of his Client’s. Since several meetings with him, I have gained more confidence and have learned to control my anxiety in my every day-to-day life. I would highly suggest that anyone who is looking to improve on anything in their life, in any aspect, needs to see the Goodwin Hypnosis. Thanks again Todd!!”
Jared Shapiro
“I just wanted to let you know that everything went well in the surgery yesterday. Im ver happy, and I felt much better than my last one. The nurse is surprise to see how good I’m doing, I been walking every hour, and trying to do the as much on my own. The doctor saw me today, and told me the same thing. No anxiety pills, and my breathing is been perfectly fine. I’m just in a lot of pain, but I remind myself of everything you told me, and it helped me to stay calm. Thank you again for all your help. I’m feeling great!”
“Stress and anxiety completely took over my life and was largely due to work pressures and problems. It drew me to a very short fuse causing anger episodes (especially when driving), extreme frustration, depression, and generally just being in a bad mood all day everyday. It was taken everywhere with me, work and home. It pushed over with a domino effect to all areas of my life including socially, physically, and relationships. Even anxiety for future problems and challenges that don’t even exist yet like kids, a mortgage, schools, and health. I gained a very large amount of weight in no time by eating those problems. It pushed those who are closest to me out for no real reason aside from being around my bad mood. Even the things I loved to do meant nothing and didn’t care for it. After feeling like I was in a 20-foot hole with no way out and so consumed by problems and anxiety, I spoke with my doctor. Not wanting to take anti-anxiety meds, which I believe do not resolve any real issues, I was recommended to see Todd Goodwin. I was skeptical and didn’t really understand what it was. In ways I still don’t understand because it is so unbelievable how something so easy to do could fix what seemed totally impossible. It is truly amazing how effective and well this worked. Looking back, it feels like a flick of a switch and I walked out of a hurricane of stress, anxiety, anger, and depression. First, the stress and anxiety went away, which lead to drive and confidence, which led to better days at work. Then there was less eating the problems away and in turn weight loss and feeling good physically. Then finally after feeling aligned again and on an even keel (something I thought was so far gone) it led to happier and healthier relationships. Honestly, I left the first session thinking that was it? I don’t feel any different. How is that going to help me and why did I just waste my money. Literally the next morning I felt like someone took off a 45 pound gym plate from my back and another from my chest. Maybe it won’t happen as fast for everyone but it really truly works. This completely changed my life and I’m so grateful for it. Its so simple and effortless it almost doesn’t seem real. The problems at work are still there and there are still ups and downs, but it’s easier to overcome them all because the anxiety that usually comes with it is no longer there. Its just absent. I cant explain why but it is. This is the best investment I have ever made and will recommend this to everybody. The fuse is longer and every aspect of my life has improved. There is positivity and most important happiness. I have such gratitude Todd and his practice because I feel like I am back to the person Im supposed to be. Despite the long review, the whole thing just really leaves me speechless.”
Oscar N.

*Testimonials by former clients of Todd or Gina Goodwin are true and factual. Goodwin Hypnosis, its officers, and personnel, do not imply or claim that these comments represent typical results. Results vary depending on age, gender, lifestyle, motivation, and individual commitment to achieve a desired result. These clients voluntarily offered their feedback and were not compensated in any way. Each comment is the opinion of one person at a specific time and should be considered only in that context.

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