Unlearn Irrational Fears

Phobias are irrational fears that cause a strong response that’s not justified by the real threat.

It could be a fear of flying, elevators, heights, bridges, driving on the highway, spiders, large groups of people, or almost anything else. You might have been afraid of that situation for years or even decades. The reaction could range from a little nervousness to a full-on panic attack. You could avoid those triggers, but that could be very difficult or cause you to miss out on opportunities. Maybe you know when or how it all began, but you didn’t have that fear from birth. Watch the following videos to learn about irrational fears, how they start, why they actually make sense and how to unlearn them.

How to Understand and UNLEARN Your Phobia

UNLEARN Your Fears!

Millions of people are also afraid of public speaking (which is actually not about speaking in public).

Many people who have spoken in front of a crowd or who are getting ready to do so have stage fright or nerves. Some people also have a fear of failure, being judged or rejected, test anxiety, social anxiety, or they lack self-confidence. Many people think that being afraid to speak in public is a phobia, but the real reason is different.

Watch the following video to learn why so many people are afraid of public speaking, what’s really causing it, and how to unlearn it:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your conscious mind may know logically that you’re safe, but that doesn’t matter if your subconscious thinks you’re in danger. Your subconscious controls your thoughts, feelings, habits, and how your body works. It’s also in charge of keeping you safe, so if it sees a threat, even if it’s just your imagination, it will react. Fear is a way for your mind to help you avoid or escape from possible danger. Because of this, your subconscious will keep reacting, no matter what you’re thinking consciously, until it stops believing that you’re unsafe. Once that basic way of thinking changes, the fearful response goes away. It’s really that easy.

Unfortunately, you are not alone in what you are going through. This is a problem that many people face (unwanted habits, anxiety, trauma, etc.). The problem is not with you, but with the way your therapist is working with you. CBT and exposure therapy can be helpful, but because they work on the conscious level, they usually take a lot of time and work. Trying to get rid of a fear by using those methods is like trying to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. It might work, but using a match or lighter is much easier, faster, and more reliable. Fear comes from the subconscious, so relying on rational thinking, understanding, positive affirmations, and willpower won’t help much. Using hypnosis and NLP to directly change how your mind works is faster, more effective, and easier than CBT and exposure therapy. It’s crazy that so many mental health professionals still try to start fires with sticks and convince their clients that it’s the best approach.

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