Hypnosis & NLP

Combining hypnosis with NLP produces much better results than using hypnosis alone.

At Goodwin Hypnosis, we use hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to help you make positive changes in your life. Together, these methods can help you do things like get over a fear, break a bad habit, or improve your emotional well-being.

A Quick Explanation of Hypnosis and NLP


Hypnosis is a safe and natural state of mind that makes it easier to learn (or unlearn) things quickly. All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis, and it happens to almost everyone many times a day. Maybe you’re daydreaming while driving or getting lost in a book. You might feel emotional while watching a movie, TV show, or commercial, or you could lose track of time while playing video games. Despite what most people think about hypnosis, you stay awake and in charge during the process, and almost anyone can be hypnotized.

We help our clients get into this very relaxing state so they can more easily and naturally reach their own goals. Some of these goals may be to change limiting beliefs and ideas, get rid of emotional or behavioral problems, and identify and release uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and memories that are hidden from conscious awareness.

By using this powerful state of consciousness, you can learn more about yourself, grow as a person, and heal. To solve your persistent problems, you need to change how you think or feel about them. Hypnosis makes this easier and faster than it would be otherwise.

NeuroLinguistic Programming

Your thoughts and feelings result from how you perceive the external (your senses) and internal (your memories and imagination) worlds. Neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, is the study of how you think and feel. How you think and feel about yourself, others, and your past, present, and future experiences (whether real or imagined) has a big impact on how you communicate and act. We can help you improve how you think and feel so you can get the results you want with less time and effort.

We use NLP to resolve internal conflicts (“I want to do this, but I keep doing that”), clear emotional trauma, change memories, change the desire for certain foods, trigger emotional states, improve self-image or empathy, set up new behaviors, and more. It’s completely safe, and it’s much easier than you may believe.

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