Frequently Asked Questions

Our expertise is resolving trauma from any kind of distressing or upsetting experience, no matter how long ago it happened. Also, we can help you overcome emotions like worrypanicgrief, shame, or overwhelm, as well as problems with foodalcohol, or gambling. Trauma can cause all of those issues, and our goal is to help you fully recover from both the cause and its effects.

This is a common concern, yet it’s almost never an issue. Since 2007, we can recall only a handful of clients we couldn’t hypnotize (less than 1%). The causes were intentional resistance by the client, a head injury, or medication that impaired their thinking. People with normal intelligence and brain function naturally experience hypnosis several times per day on their own. If you want us to help you and are willing to follow our lead, then you can be hypnotized.

While we can’t promise specific results, we do accept clients only if we believe that they will benefit. We will know that only once we have met you for an initial consultation, which we do by Zoom. Our successful clients do, however, share many things in common. They are open-minded, can handle honest feedback, follow instructions, enjoy learning, and take responsibility for overcoming their problems. If you’re like these successful clients, then we may be able to help you. Those clients who struggled tended to have a victim mentality, make excuses, or defend their problematic behaviors. If you relate to this second group, then we probably can’t help you directly, but you’re welcome to do our online program.

During COVID, we shifted to seeing our clients by Zoom and noticed certain disadvantages. We quickly modified our approach so that the benefits now outweigh the drawbacks. Today, using Zoom provides similar results to the work we did in person during the 13 years before COVID. Clients who saw us in person AND by Zoom were pleasantly surprised that Zoom was equally effective and more convenient. At your initial consultation, we’ll explain how we work by Zoom, which is different from many other hypnotists.

Visit to learn how to complete our new client application, watch an eye-opening educational video, and schedule your Zoom-based initial consultation with our online calendar.