Emotional Trauma Recovery

Overcome Fears, Bad Habits, and Emotional Baggage

Serving clients ONLINE from Cary, Raleigh, Durham, and around the world through an expert trauma resolution program in North Carolina. Wherever you live, we can help.

Todd and Gina Goodwin

Faster than talk therapy. Easier than willpower. Safer than medication.

Board Certified Hypnotists Todd Goodwin and Gina Goodwin have years of experience helping people to resolve emotional and behavioral challenges. How do we do it? We start by targeting the root causes of those problems, instead of merely addressing symptoms. 

Many behavioral and emotional issues are rooted in trauma, all which can be resolved with hypnosis and NLP. When we address the root cause, our clients make amazing breakthroughs. Trauma recovery IS possible, and it’s life-changing. 

However long you have struggled with an issue, and however bad it seems, we can help you RECOVER completely.

What is stopping you from being happier and healthier?

Despite your best intentions, you may feel powerless to overcome the internal resistance that blocks you from making positive changes. Many people find it extremely hard to break a bad habit or to release emotional baggage or worries. 

But it IS possible to achieve those objectives without such difficulty. The key is learning how to communicate with your mind so that it helps you instead of fighting you. Since 2007, we’ve guided thousands of people to unlearn limiting beliefs, painful emotions, and harmful behaviors, so they could finally experience the peace of mind and confidence that they needed to be the best version of themselves.

Whatever you’re going through, we can help you REGAIN CONTROL of your own mind.

How can we help you?

We focus on issues related to emotional trauma, grief, PTSD, sexual abuse, and other distressing experiences. Those traumas produce symptoms like anxiety, fears, panic, sleeplessness, uncontrollable behaviors and habits, excess weight, illness, relationship problems, and more. We use hypnosis, NLP, memory reconsolidation, and various other methods to resolve those traumas and their negative effects. Our approach is faster, easier, and more comfortable than anything our clients have done before. No need to retell your story, relive the pain, avoid triggers, or try to control your feelings. Once you unlearn the trauma and change your perceptions, you begin to heal. It’s that simple. Many of our clients have been amazed by how quickly they have improved.

With a primarily online-based practice in North Carolina that specializes in one-on-one, rapid trauma resolution, we cater to residents of Cary, Raleigh, Durham, and around the world through Zoom sessions and online, digital programs. 

Wherever you are, we can help you LIVE a happier, healthier life.

Take the first step toward FULL recovery

Are you ready to remove those internal obstacles to your personal well-being and peace of mind? Are you ready to regain control of your mind and take your first step towards the rewarding and fulfilling life you deserve?

Meet the Hypnotists

Todd Goodwin and Gina Goodwin are among the 2% of hypnotists who are board certified. They are also certified Master Practitioners of NLP. In 2007, Todd opened Goodwin Hypnosis. After he helped Gina to recover from her own trauma and grief, she studied to become a hypnotist and joined Todd in 2015. Together, they’ve helped thousands to overcome challenges like stress, anxiety, low self-worth, bad habits, and emotional trauma, including sexual abuse. Why does Todd and Gina’s method work so well? They use hypnosis and NLP to target the root cause of these issues (at the subconscious level), instead of just treating symptoms.

Todd Goodwin
Todd Goodwin M.S., BCH, FNGH
Gina Goodwin
Gina Goodwin, BCH

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