We have been interviewed by different online and real-world mediums, including podcasts, on a variety of topics relating to human behavior in general and our work specifically. From this page, you can access either the full interviews or selected clips on our YouTube channel.

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In this episode of the Biz & Life Done Well podcast, Todd Goodwin shares his personal journey to become a hypnotist. He discusses how hypnosis and NLP can resolve personal challenges where willpower, therapy, or medication have failed. Todd emphasizes the importance of addressing underlying subconscious issues to overcome symptoms like trauma, anxiety, and unhealthy habits. He explains how he and his wife, Gina, help clients to overcome these emotional and behavioral issues and create lasting change and improved wellbeing. Click here to watch the full episode.

In this episode of The Outer Limits of Inner Truth podcast, Todd Goodwin reveals how subconscious traumas and negative beliefs formed from life experiences can disrupt mental balance and personal growth. Using metaphors like a wild horse and uprooting weeds in a garden, he explains how to effectively address the subconscious mind. Todd emphasizes the importance of addressing and unlearning these emotional and behavioral patterns to enhance wellbeing, self-worth, and fulfillment. He highlights that hypnosis and NLP are effective at neutralizing trauma, supporting goals, and achieving harmony within the mind, without relying on willpower or positive affirmations. Click here to watch video clips from the podcast.

In his second appearance on the Infinite Loops podcast, Todd Goodwin shares several powerful client stories (ranging from PTSD and addiction to obesity and fear of abandonment) that illustrate how simply understanding WHY a problem developed is rarely enough to solve it. In fact, the solution is found in changing HOW someone creates and maintains a problematic state. This awareness explains why talk therapy and medication can be ineffective. Targeting the root causes of emotional and behavioral problems, including traumatic and childhood memories, makes it easier to solve them. Click here to watch video clips or the full conversation.

In this episode of the Infinite Loops podcast, Todd Goodwin explains that lasting change comes from addressing the root causes of problems rather than just treating symptoms. He uses hypnosis to communicate with the subconscious to help his clients overcome their emotional and behavioral issues. Todd highlights the importance of resolving inner conflicts between conscious goals and subconscious desires, as this internal tug-of-war creates unnecessary struggle and suffering. He believes that fostering self-awareness, clearing emotional trauma, and improving self-worth can lead to significant healing and personal growth. Click here to watch video clips or the full conversation.

In this Future You Project conversation, Todd Goodwin explains how trauma can cause emotional and behavioral problems, which may include anxiety and addictions. Addressing these root issues can heal the symptoms that most people focus on. Host Jen Z shares her personal journey of uncovering buried pain and memories, stressing the importance of self-awareness and changing limiting beliefs. Todd emphasizes that society’s views on addiction can disempower individuals. Both of them discuss the value of addressing trauma and using hypnosis for personal growth and healing, highlighting the effectiveness of virtual sessions. Click here to watch video clips or the full conversation.